Friday, August 24, 2012

Finger cross!

Dumped my blog again! :)
I guess I'm those kind of people who just can't sit still in front of the computer and write a proper post.
So phailed! -.-

Anyway, today is the boyfie advance birthday celebration.
He felt so excited about it.
Going to doll up later.

Anyway, semester 8 starting next Monday.
How I wish my holiday would be longer.
So that I won't be getting my result sooooo soon!
Anyway did badly in semester 7.
I failed my Political Economy!
I thought I did well in that particular paper.
But end up I FAIL!
Have to waste RM200 just to re-sit that stupid paper.
Seriously need to study well if I wish to graduate on time.
God bless me for the re-sit paper in two weeks time.
Finger cross!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

3rd day of August

Went over to uncle shop for touch up.
Suppose to be working at night, but last minute my agent whatsapp me and telling me that the clients over-budget and they do not need girls.
So oh yeah, I'm jobless ONCE again!

Nothing to do end up went over to Pavilion to catch a movie with the boyfie.
Thought of watching Step Up Revolution.
But we're too late.
Most of the 'good view sit' had been taken up by others.
End up watching Singapore ghost movie.

Abit boring for this movie.
Not that funny which both of us had expected.
Whole movie is telling us that 'Human should not be greedy. And if you MUST be greedy, you will still need to respect the dead!'

After the movie nothing much for us to do.
No money to shop.
No place to go.
End up going back to boyfie home and had dinner with his mom and sis.
Boring day!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy 31st Monthsary!

Happy 31st monthsary to me and the boyfie!
No celebration, nothing special.
Just a wish from both of us hoping everything will be fine.

Pass my day with cleaning up my closet this time.
Because my closet is SUPER MESSY!
Everytime when I open the closet door, all my clothes will drop on the floor.
This is not because I have lots of clothes this is because I have a small closet.
LOL. Trying to convince myself that I do not spend much on clothings! :)

Nothing much happen throughout the day.
Just another boring day for me.
Seriously I need a job!!
There's nothing else for me to anymore.
Might think about painting my room!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The boyfie had no class on Tuesday.
Therefore we decided to go for a movie.
Went to Pavillion, straight to GSC to decide which movie should we watch.
Boyfie wanted to watch 'The Dark Knight Rises' so Dark Knight it is! :)
Bought our tickets, and we still have time for breakfast before we enter to the hall.

Went over to Wong Kok, because I'm craving for their 'Fried Chee Cheong Fun' credits to KC for trying it first, and now I'm addicted to it! :p
But what we saw there really shocked both of us.

Wong Kok had this breakfast set and it cost only RM3.99++ include a meal and a drink.
Its super cheap!
Cheaper than eating all this noodle outside those coffee shop.

Here is a list of what they had for their breakfast set.
Mostly also noodle.
Not bad damn full.
Both of us only have to pay RM8.80 include tax for 2 bowl of noodles and 2 glass of drinks.
Cheap! :)

Movie time.
Abit long, and bored.
But Anne Hathaway is super hot.
Love her till the max!

Don't really understand the movie, cause there's some confusing part.
But it's ok as long as the boyfie loves it then thats it! xD

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cleaning day :)

Since I'm having my holiday and there's no job for me nowadays.
Therefore decided to clean my room.
Today is the fourth day that I've used to clean my messy room.
Can you guys imagine just by cleaning up a small room I've already used up four days.
And fyi, I'm not done with my room yet!
Such a rubbish girl!

There's a lot of dust in my room.
So disgusting.
Maybe because I'm not those person who can't sleep without the air-cond.
I love my ceiling fan.
I on it everyday.
When I on the fan, I will open my sliding window.
Maybe because of that make all the dust come inside my room!

But after few days of cleaning, I feel so proud of myself!
My room is actually quite BIG!