Friday, August 24, 2012

Finger cross!

Dumped my blog again! :)
I guess I'm those kind of people who just can't sit still in front of the computer and write a proper post.
So phailed! -.-

Anyway, today is the boyfie advance birthday celebration.
He felt so excited about it.
Going to doll up later.

Anyway, semester 8 starting next Monday.
How I wish my holiday would be longer.
So that I won't be getting my result sooooo soon!
Anyway did badly in semester 7.
I failed my Political Economy!
I thought I did well in that particular paper.
But end up I FAIL!
Have to waste RM200 just to re-sit that stupid paper.
Seriously need to study well if I wish to graduate on time.
God bless me for the re-sit paper in two weeks time.
Finger cross!

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